Note: We will not ask for your credit card information to validate you. We will only ask if you are buying something from our online store.


    • Must be a Ford Mustang (includes Mach-E)
    • You must own the vehicle
    • Base color is permanent (painted).  Plastidips and wraps not accepted unless underlying paint is a permanent shade of blue.
    • Repaints are accepted so long as the vehicle is over 51% blue.  It does not have to be a factory Ford blue.


Registered before or not sure? Search for your e-mail here.  If you believe you registered before, contact us FIRST.  Do not re-register.


Step 1: Find your color on the approved color list.

Step 2: Register here once you find your color.

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We manually approve all registrations. If you do not receive a confirmation e-mail within 72 hours, try to log in to the forum. If that fails, contact with your forum name or e-mail and we will double check. To find your number visit your profile to see it. Check your SPAM folder!

Approved Color List

Custom Blue or Non-factory Blue
Acapulco Blue
Antimatter Blue Metallic
Arcadian Blue
Atlantic Blue
Atlas Blue
Azure Blue
Beatnik Blue
Bimini Blue
Blue Glow
Bright Aqua
Bright Aqua Glow
Bright Atlantic Blue
Bright Blue
Bright Blue (Light Grabber Blue)
Bright Blue Lapis
Bright Blue Metallic
Bright Regatta Blue
Bright Silver Blue
Brittany Blue
Caspian Blue
Columbine Blue
Dark Academy Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Cadet Blue
Dark Midnight Blue
Dark Shadow Blue
Dark Slate
Deep Impact Blue
Diamond Blue
Frost Turquoise
Grabber Blue
Guardsman Blue
Gulfstream Aqua
Infinite Blue Metallic
Kona Blue
Light Academy Blue Glow
Light Aqua
Light Blue
Light Cadet Blue
Light Crystal Blue
Light Medium Blue
Light Regatta Blue
Lightning Blue
Medium Aqua
Medium Blue
Medium Blue
Medium Blue Glow
Medium Bright Blue
Medium Shadow Blue
Midnight Blue
Moonlight Blue
Nightmist Blue
Oil Slick Blue-Purple
Pastel Blue
Performance Blue
Presidential Blue
Reef Blue
Royal Blue
Sapphire Blue
Sapphire Blue
Shadow Blue
Sierra Blue
Silver Blue
Silver Blue Glow
Skylight Blue
Sonic Blue
Tahoe Turquoise
Tropical Turquoise
True Blue
Twilight Blue
Twilight Turquoise
Ultra Blue
Vail Blue
Velocity Blue
Vista Blue
Windveil Blue
Winter Blue