Meet the Blue Mustang Registry Team


Tom Billings                           BMR 1143


Tom became the President of BMR in March 2016.  Tom owns a 2006 Windveil Blue Mustang GT convertible and comes from Maryland.    


Travis, Holly & Jasmin Lawson      BMR 0001


Travis founded BMR in 2004 with his 2003 Mustang GT in Sonic Blue becoming the first registered member.   Travis comes from Georgia and has since upgraded from his 2003 to a 2016 Mustang GT in Deep Impact Blue.


Allan Franklin                BMR 1033

Event Coordinator and Public Relations

  Allan joined BMR in 2014 and quickly established himself as the event coordinator with planning our first Scenic Stampede.  Allan comes from Tennessee and has been an integral member part in planning events and recruiting new membership.  Allan is also a member of the Tennessee Valley Mustang Club.

Shawn McKinnon   BMR 2292

BMR Canada




Michael Russell        BMR 0915

Facebook Admin

  Michael comes to us out of New Mexico with a 2014 Mustang aptly nicknamed, “Mistress Blue”. Michael joined the admin team in 2014 and has been a valuable asset maintaining the family friendly atmosphere we attempt to install in BMR’s Facebook group!

Jason Becknell              BMR 1751

Facebook Admin

Jess Lines

Instagram Admin


Kyle Schissler       BMR 3227

Instagram Admin

Thomas Carravallah Jr.               BMR 1044

Facebook Admin


Jason Duncan             BMR 3192

Instagram Admin


Mark Gamble     BMR 1142

Facebook Admin

Jim Tenowich        BMR 1347

Facebook Admin