The Blue Mustang Registry (BMR) was founded in December of 2004 by Travis Lawson thus registering his Sonic Blue, 2003 Mustang GT as the first official BMR member.  The goal was to unite individuals, in a family friendly environment, with a similar passion for not just the Ford Mustang but only Mustangs in the shade of blue.   We represent every U.S. State and have members around the globe!  Our membership diverse and spans nearly every year and model of Mustang built.


Blue Mustang Registry began with a basic website and online forum. In 2013 we expanded to social media beginning with Facebook and a year later to Instagram. With social media dominating we decided to remove much of the forum functionality and continue to use it to maintain BMR member registrations.  This functionality continues today as we continue to grow our social media presence. 

 The year 2015 helped to solidify our legacy. With the help of our new event coordinator, Allan Franklin, the Scenic Stampede took place in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We broke away from traditional car show boundaries and chose to do a driving event. With a handful of members we toured famed roads such as the Tail of the Dragon. It was also decided for follow on years we move the event to Knoxville, Tennessee for better route access.

With an average of over 650 miles of cruising our event traverses multiple states with breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes.  Every year since, with the exception of 2020,  we have rumbled through the mountains offering guests exhilarating experiences as well as kindled long lasting friendship.

A new chapter for the Blue Mustang Registry began in 2016.  Travis stepped down as President and handed the responsibility to Tom Billings in order to further grow the organization. Travis remained on board and continues to be an active member in the leadership. Tom hit the ground running and has actively engaged the membership with daily interactions, new BMR branded merchandise and established a regional director program in the United States and Canada. Tom has been instrumental in the growth and expansion of the Blue Mustang Registry and will continue under his leadership.


We look forward to the future as Ford continues the Mustang bloodline!